Iona Abbey and village from the
landing-slip at Fionnphort on Mull

Silver 'bar' brooch by Ritchie, the design taken from a medieval stone column in Iona Abbey. This same design was carved by him on the superb wooden fire-surround in Shuna Cottage. Brooch dates from c.1935. No hallmark, makers mark AR and 'Iona' in rectangle, and a registration mark.

Silver bar brooch with Viking ship, marked AR IONA and ICA with hallmark for Birmingham 1936.

Unusual small silver bar brooch, length 3cms, with typical lobed foliate decoration. Reverse is marked AR IONA and hallmarked for Glasgow 1930.

Unusual Alexander Ritchie silver rectangular pierced brooch with typical lobed foliate decoration, inspired by medieval Iona stone carvings. Size 4.5cms x 2.1cms. Marks are AR IONA and ICA with Birmingham hallmark for 1936.

Curiously-shaped and unusual silver bar brooch, no doubt part of a foliate design from one of the medieval Iona stones. Length 2.25". Reverse marks are individual recessed AR and IONA marks. No hallmarks. Date c.1920.

Very attractive and unusual silver brooch by Alexander Ritchie, dating from the 1931-39 ICA (Iona Celtic Art) period. The Iona marble stone would have been selected by Ritchie himself from one of Iona's beaches. The reverse is marked AR IONA and a further AR ICA. No hallmark, which is unusual for this period.

Very striking silver brooch by Alexander Ritchie, from the late 1920s/early 1930s period. The central stone is flanked by two Celtic bird heads. The stone is no doubt one that Ritchie found on one of the many small Iona beaches, and appears to be an opaque variegated brown quartz, rather than the dark green Iona marble. Approximate dimensions 4.6 x 2 cms. An unusual and attractive Iona piece, the reverse markings being AR and IONA. No hallmark (not uncommon for Ritchie's Iona work), although made from sterling silver.

Very attractive silver bar brooch by Alexander Ritchie. Length approx 5cms. Central longship design flanked by knotwork panels. Celtic animal-head finials. The reverse is stamped AR IONA, with ICA and a Birmingham hallmark of 1936.


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