Sunrise over Iona Abbey,
with the Isle of Mull in the background

Fine brass tray approx 10" x 3.75" with repousse decoration. Signed AR IONA. Date c.1905.

Scarce brass repousse shield wall-hanging - some of these had a small bracket attached to the bottom with candle sconces attached. A few like this one were made as purely decorative wall-ornaments. Fine Viking longship decoration and typical Ritchie foliate 'S' pattern beneath the word 'Iona'. Early piece, c.1905. Size approx 28 x 32 cms.

Early large brass charger by Alexander Ritchie, diameter 12.5". Period c.1905-1910. A fine piece - repousse knotwork decoration interspersed with four running Stags. Unsigned, but an identical one can be seen in an early photograph of items displayed in the Ritchies' island craftshop.

Alexander Ritchie brass candle sconce, c. 1900-1910, with foliate knotwork design above a Viking longship with furled sails. Approx dimensions 10.5 x 6.5".

Brass clothes brush stand with knotwork dcoration made by Helen MacPhail, an arts and crafts student of the Ritchies who learned her skills at Shuna cottage studios on Iona, and subsequently pursued her skills as professional craftworker in later years. Reverse is signed HM. She was born c.1905 so this piece would date from around 1930.

Very early repousse brass signed tray by Alexander Ritchie, c.1900-1905. Symmetrical interlocking lobed leaf pattern inspired by Iona medieval stone carvings. Length approximately 7".

Iona school brass mirror with knotwork repousse border. c.1910. Unsigned, but almost certainly by Ritchie or one of his workers at the time. Length approx 14".

Brass box with hinged lid and repousse Celtic Cross design. Dimensions 11x7x5 cms. c.1910. Unsigned, from Alexander Ritchie's Iona workshop. An identical box can be seen in an old photograph of the Ritchies' Iona work. A very attractive design taken from an early Iona stone carving.



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