St Columba's Bay, Iona

Unusual Glasgow 1921hallmarked silver cross, design on one side only. Marked AR and Iona.

Iona St Martin's Cross in silver, design on both sides, double markings of AR IONA on the side, and an AR 'spectacle mark' combined with a Glasgow hallmark of 1911 (pre-thistle hallmark) in panel at the bottom of the reverse. This is believed to be one of the earliest known pieces of Glasgow-hallmarked Ritchie silverwork.

Iona cross by Alexander Ritchie, heavy silver, approx 3.5" long, hallmarked Glasgow 1926.

Sterling silver St Martin's cross by Alexander Ritchie, set in an Iona marble base. Overall height approximately 10cms including base. The marks are A.R Iona and the ICA stamp, with a Birmingham hallmark for 1933.

Very rare brooch which incorporates the central circular design found on the early medieval MacLean's Cross, Iona, which is still standing on the island. This is one of the only known designs to have just Euphemia Ritchie's initials of ER in high relief on the reverse, as well as the bold words 'MacLean's Cross, Iona. As far as is known, no other silver items have descriptive high-relief wording on them. Earlier versions have just ER and IONA. The few later examples known have AR IONA ICA and hallmarks for Birmingham in small lettering around the rim. A few examples of this very fine brooch were continued after the Ritchies' death, by Hamish Dawson-Bowman and the CAI. These used the original Ritchie mould, but have the initials DB and the CAI stamp within a rectangle, as well as 'Scotland' and 'Sterling' below the raised 'MacLean's Cross Iona' lettering on the reverse. (Photo above right © C T Fraser)


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