St John's Cross, Iona

Penannular brooch with raised triple spirals featured on the terminals. This a very streamlined design, with double hallmark on the reverse - AR IONA on the terminals, and AR with Glasgow hallmark for 1928 on the curved section.

Penannular brooch with Celtic patterns and entwined foliate designs. Reverse has double hallmarks of AR and IONA across the terminals, and a second AR with a Glasgow hallmark of 1928 on the curved section.

Alexander Ritchie 'serpent' penannular brooch, diameter approx 5.5cms. Compised of two entwined serpents, their heads facing each other on the terminals. Classic AR and IONA large raised lettering on reverse. Also impressed with the Iona Celtic Art ICA stamp, this fine brooch dates from the 1930s. No hallmark.

Scarce silver penannular brooch by Alexander Ritchie incorporating angular chevron patterning. Hallmarks are for Birmingham 1937 and marked AR ICA. A very unusual piece. Very few of Ritchie's Celtic designs incorporated this chevron patterning.

Unusual smaller silver penannular brooch based on the Irish Tara Brooch. This has Alexander Ritchie's marks on the reverse of AR IONA ICA and a Birmingham hallmark for 1938.

Penannular brooch by Alexander Ritchie, marked AR IONA and ICA, with Birmingham hallmark for 1938.

Silver penannular brooch with Birmingham hallmark for 1935, and Alexander Ritchie's ICA (Iona Celtic Art) early stamp recessed within a rectangle. Unusual design. Diameter 4.4cms.

Delightful little Alexander Ritchie silver penannular brooch with the terminals finely designed in the shape of two bird heads. Just over 1" diameter. The reverse marks are AR IONA and the early ICA recessed stamp, with Birmingham hallmark for 1934.

Unusual design Alexander Ritchie brooch made at the very end of the ICA period and hallmarked Birmingham 1939. Knotwork pattering on the finials, terminating in beast's feet. Not often seen. Approx 5.5cms diameter.


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