Isle of Staffa and Fingal's Cave

A classic design by Alexander Ritchie known as the 'marriage brooch', incorporating the mediaval letter 'M'. This ring brooch is hallmarked for Birmingham 1935 and stamped with AR and the ICA mark.

Annular brooch with beautiful entwined foliate decoration typical of the decoration found on Iona medieval grave slabs. The reverse has the classic high-relief A.E.R (Alexander and Euphemia Ritchie) large mark, and also a smaller individual Birmingham 1937 hallmark. An example of this brooch is featured on the front cover of E Mairi MacArthur's new book 'Iona Celtic Art' - The work of Alexander and Euphemia Ritchie. (See New Book section).

Silver four-leafed design brooch with braided border. The foliate design is possibly found on one of Iona's carved stones, but I have to say I have never seen this one. The brooch is marked AR IONA and ICA, with Birmingham hallmark for 1938.

Fine silver annular brooch with the legendary raised reverese markings of AER (Alexander and Euphemia Ritchie) and IONA. The circular design forms a continuous knotwork braiding. This one has the AR 'spectacle' maker's mark, and Glasgow hallmark for 1931. As with many antique silver plaid brooches, someone at a later date has soldered a second 'modern' pin to the back, which could easily be removed to preserve the authenticity of this beautiful piece. The brooch has been left uncleaned and has a nice dark patina. Diameter approx 5cms.

Silver annular brooch with zoomorphic decoration between spiral bosses. Reverse is double hallmarked AR IONA and AR with Glasgow 1924 assay mark.

Very unusual Alexander Ritchie silver brooch more in the 'art nouveau' style of Charles Horner than the traditional Iona style. Marks on the reverse are AR IONA and Glasgow assay mark for 1927. I have never seen another one of these.

Unusual Alexander Ritchie silver annular brooch with knotwork border and four raised knotwork bosses. Diameter 5.5cms. Marks are AR IONA and AR with Glasgow hallmark for 1932.

Lage annular silver brooch by Alexander Ritchie, diameter approx 5cms. Vine-scroll decoration inspired by Iona medieval stone carvings. Reverse marks are conjoined AR and IONA within separate recessed rectangles. Early 1920s.


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