Iona Abbey - west face, showing main doorway

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A set of five cased silver spoons by Alexander Ritchie in their original box. The designs were each available singly, but this set has been custom made to order. You can see individual exampes of the spoons on this website. This complete set was bought c.1931 and the case is the original dark blue velvet one that the spoons were sold in. A classic set of Ritchie's spoons.

Rare set of six silver teaspoons by Alexander Ritchie, in their original display box. The spoons have animal-heads finials and scrollwork patterning derived from early Iona stone carvings, and each has single recessed marks of AR and IONA on the reverse. No hallmarks. Period early 1920s.

Very early Alexander Ritchie silver spoon with Viking longship design on the handle, trefoil knot above the bowl, and "Iona" in the centre of the stem. This spoon has the classic double hallmarks of CS*FS and AR IONA, with Chester hallmark of 1908. CS*FS were Cornelius Saunders and Francis Shepherd, London-based silver/goldsmiths who submitted Ritchie's silverwork for assaying before the latter became fully registered with Chester in his own right in 1910. A fine piece of early Iona silverwork

Alexander Ritchie silver spoon with pierced longship decoration on the handle, and knotwork patterning just above the bowl. The medieval longship was one of Ritchie's favourite designs, taken from medieval Iona stone carvings. He used at least three different versions of this design on silver spoons alone, with other versions on brooches and pendants, as well as on larger brass repousse works. This spoon has AR IONA marks, with ICA and Birmingham hallmark for 1937.

Alexander Ritchie silver silver caddy spoon with foliate design engraved on the bowl, above which are two birds heads. The reverse is marked AR IONA with ICA and Birmingham hallmark for 1934.

Fine Alexander Ritchie silver spoon with longship finial, and bird's heads above the bowl and the finial. Raised wording of IONA also on the finial, and two-pronged support on the back. The reverse of the decorated stem has the AR 'spectacle mark', and a Glasgow hallmark for 1928. A very attractive piece.


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