Sunrise over Iona Abbey,
with the Isle of Mull in the background

Fine Alexander Ritchie brass candle sconce with repousse decoration of a central longship surrounded by foliate patterns. Height 15.5 inches. Superb workmanship. Date c.1910.

Attractive unsigned Iona school hinged brass box, Alexander Ritchie design longship in the centre, surrounded by finely-executed repousse knotwork. Date c.1925-30, possibly earlier. Size 6" x 4.5" x 2.5". Very attractive piece.

Large brass charger by Alexander Ritchie, marked on the reverse 'Iona 1910'. Diameter 16.5". A delightful large repousse brass piece. Mythical beasts ornament taken more from the Book of Kells than Iona stone carvings.

Large Alexander Ritchie brass charger, diameter 16.5". Unmarked reverse. Iona school and a recorded Ritchie design, c.1910. Beautiful repousse work taken from medieval Iona stone carvings.

Very ornate brass church collection plate, Iona school, Alexander Ritchie design. Unsigned. Date c.1925-30. Repousse work, double knotwork border interspersed with five knottwork bosses, and a Nunnery Cross design in the centre of the plate. Diameter 13.5". A fine piece of Iona work.

Very striking Alexander Ritchie brass candle sconce, with central longship repousse decoration surrounded by Iona foliate ornamentation, and a small foliate 'fleur-de-lys' on the front of the candle-holder. Period 1900-1910. Rear panel size 6" x 9".

Iona school unsigned brass trivet, Alexander Ritchie design, size 7.25" square by 1.5" high. Date, c.1910.

Folding brass and leather writing set, green satin lined with pocket still containing sheets of blotting paper. Size approx 10.5" x 8". Unsigned piece from Ritchie's Iona workshop. c.1905-1910. Very unusual, possibly made to order? Front repousse panel has a Celtic cross design taken from one of the carved stones of Iona, alongside a medieval sword taken from another carved stone on the Island. The two are surrounded by a knotwork border.



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