Fingal's Cave, Isle of Staffa,
the Inner Hebrides

Possibly unique silver and enamel brooch by Iain MacCormick, from an earlier 1920s design by John McGilvray of Oban. The brooch reads "Balora, the Mermaid of Staffa", and the reverse is double hallmarked with IMC, IONA Sterling, and also on the edge J McG&Son, with a registered number of the particular McGilvray design. A very beautiful and rare enamelled piece relating to the tiny island of Staffa, north of Iona, and its legends.

Unusual bronze cross by Iain MacCormick, set into an Iona marble base. Knotwork and spirals designs. Height approx 5". As with other crosses, marks on the side are IMC and IONA.

Six-link bracelet by Iain MacCormick featuring six Pictish (not Celtic) animals and symbols from 7th/8th century Eaastern Scotland Pictish monuments. Marked IONA, IMC, and SCOTLAND on separate links. Heavy silver plate, probaly late 1940s. A fine piece and very unusual.

Double hallmarked silver brooch made during the CAI period, marked with Hamish Dason-Bowman's DB and also Iain MacCormick's recessed mark of IMC and IONA, together with a Glasgow hallmark. This is the only piece I have seen with this combination of marks. Late 1940s.

Large early Iain MacCormick silver penannular plaid brooch with two rams' heads as terminals. Marks are IMC and IONA within recessed rectangles, and Hamish Dawson-Bowman's impressed 'DB' mark. Mid to late 1940s.

Another fine silver brooch by Iain MacCormick, from earlier designs by Alexander Ritchie. The reverse has full hallmarks for Glasgow 1959, as well as IMC and IONA within recessed rectangles, and Hamish Dawson-Bowman's separate 'DB' stamp. The word 'Scotland' is also hand-engraved on the reverse.

Large bronze Iona St John's Cross by Iain MacCormick. Scarce early piece, overall height 19cms, width 8cms. From an Alexander Ritchie design. Instead of the CAI stamp the marks are 'C', followed by a symbol ?stylised M? and then 'A'. The cross is set into an Iona marble base.

Unusual silver penannular brooch by Iain MacCormick, set with four turquoise stones and a fifth turquoise set into the head of the pin. The reverse is marked IMC IONA STERLING SCOTLAND behind each of the four stones. 1950s period.

Attractive silver spoon by Iain MacCormick, from Alexander Ritchie designs. Marks are IMC, IONA and SCOTLAND. Date early 1950s.


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